Behrizan handle

دستگیره در مدل 2300
Door Handle 2300
February 17, 2018
Rosset door handle 1800R behrizan
Door Handle 1800R
February 17, 2018
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New Collection Rosette & Plaque Door Handle

Behrizan Door Handle Introduction

You can have the best choice due to the variety of Behrizan Products

Another new collection of Behrizan products introduced by Art Collection in 2019.
This behrizan door handle is also remarkably artistic.
This type of door handle, despite the use of hand-held technology
in addition to modern technology, has a special place among luxury door handles.

An example of Art Collection handles is the leather door handle.
Gold, Chrome , Satin Brass ,Satin Nickel
and the color of leather: Black, Brown and light Brown (Tan Leather)

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