Suitable door handle

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April 27, 2019
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Suitable door handle

What are the features of a suitable door handle?

Pull handles is one of the main components of the building because in addition to the safety and security of the entrance,
as well as the strength and quality, it has an impressive effect on the beautification of the entrance to the building.
If you decide to choose a door handle, it's important to be careful about the choice, because in addition to appearance, performance and quality is also important. Maybe this article will help you choose the right door handle.

The types of door handles can be divided into the following sections:

• Door handle with Plaque
• Rosette door handle
• Pull Handle
• Digital Door handle

Door handle with plaque

Generally, for wooden doors, you can use plain handles that offer this type of handles in a variety of designs and colors,
you can see and select some of these products in the pictures below.
This handle model can be fitted with a key lock or for cylinder locking. All the handles of Behrizan are of the best quality and with warranty.

Rosette door handle

Basically, the Rosset handles are fixed to the outside and locked inside with the tab. Use this knob for input doors. The Routine door handle that you see in the Behrizan Code List at the end of theR code,
its key section is designed in two cylinder and room keypads.
The Rosette door handle are attractive because they are two pieces and the handle is separate from the lock.

Pull door handle

The pull handle models are commonly used for entrance doors to the building or apartment, which allows you to push and open the door and open the door with the key. The variety of entry handles for the Behrizan building is very large and is presented in a variety of sizes and colors, and with great colors.

Digital door handle

Today, according to the needs of the market, digital samples are welcomed by many people. In this model, the handles use a card lock or fingerprint that no longer requires the use of the key.
In the future, it will introduce you some examples of this product.

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