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Factory introduction

The Behrizan Industrial Group started its activity in the field of
Designing and producing door handle, locks and fittings of the building
with the establishment of a factory in Isfahan,
the capital city of art and beauty in Iran in the mid 1970’s

Behrizan with the goal of developing this industry
based on the promotion of quality and innovation for 40 years
is making every effort to use the technology of the day

  • Skilled workers
  • Experienced engineers
  • Full compliance
with the laws and regulations of the environment
safety and professional, health and the legal requirements.

To provide the customer with the appropriate methods
use of resources and optimize energy consumption in the best quality.

By using the latest technology in the world in the production of
Behrizan as well as conducting continuous tests of specialized
Accessories (fittings) at the Behrizan Lab,
It guarantees the long-term interests of buyers.

In order to meet this, several national and international
ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 17025 standards and more
have been established in Behrizan Company and laboratories.

Behrizan Certifications

Behrizan company line of products included:

  • Dictated machinery under pressure
  • Forging machines
  • Polishing machines
  • Electroplating and electroscopic coating technologies

It makes it possible to achieve a high variety of products
in terms of coating and structure.
A recent review of manufacturing engineering has allowed us to
Take on the latest technology in the world and achieve
a very high level of production.

Behrizan Company is one of the leading manufacturers of
Building door handle and fittings.
This company has been satisfying its customers for over 40 years in this field.
The door handle looks like a regular tool
but it is one of the most essential,
Most important, and most used tools in the building.

Door handles are one of the main fixtures divided into two groups of :

  • Rosette Door Handle
  • Plaque Door handle

Behrizan products

Most Behrizan door handle come in both models
and give your audience the choice to choose the
Design and color of door handle in both rosette and plaque

The color variations of the door handle are 10 colors in total.
The main colors available in most door handle include:
Titanium (Gold), Satin Nickel, Matt Nickel, Chrome, Olive , Black & White (elite)

Recently, Behrizan launched an online store to sell handles called Behrizan-design
This website gives you the opportunity to be informed of the latest price list of door handle.
You can also compare different products and see the technical information of each door handle or other fittings.

Staff and Management

Serving our customers for total satisfaction requires dedicated staff in every department:
Our customers recognize that our products are made by
A team, dedicated to manufacturing excellence.

Managing Director: M. Karimzadeh
We try hard to keep up with the latest trends in design and manufacturing
to meet and exceed our customers requirements.

We have the capacity and technical Know-how to develop and produce
any other related parts according to our customer technical requirements.

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