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Behrizan Design Central office:Tehran
Behrizan Factory: Isfahan | IRAN


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    Why Choose us?


    Behrizan was founded in the mid 1970’s in Isfahan the capital city of art and beauty in Iran.
    The company has always endeavored to achieve excellence in the design and manufacturing of high quality
    door handles and accessories.
    Thanks to this vision Behrizan has revolutionized the Iranian door handle industry,
    providing products that combine beautiful design, functionality and value for money.
    This together with excellent customer service lead to the position that Behrizan sets the standard for the door handles in Iran.

    You can contact the Behrizan Central office in Tehran at any time and give your comments, suggestions or criticisms.
    In addition to communication paths In the Behrizan sales agent section, you can find the closest Representation in your province.

    You can also download the Behrizan online store app and select the product you want to be referred to the nearest Sales agent.