Behrizan Teaser

غرفه بهریزان در نمایشگاه عمان
Oman exhibition
February 16, 2020
Behrizan New Packaging
New Packaging Design
May 20, 2020
دستگیره کلاسیک جدید 8200 روزت

Behrizan New Door handle

Behrizan is one of the well-known brands in the hardware and door handle industry.
One of the features of this company besides variety of products is high quality in production and manufacturing.
One of the new models of the rosette door handle on the Behrizan you see in the Behrizan Teaser movie is the 8200R .

Classic Door handle

Behrizan has two handles styles, classic and modern.
Of course, in both styles there are also one-piece door handles, so-called plaques door handle,
and Two pieces so-called rosettes door handle.
The door handle of the 8200 rosette is one of the classic two-piece models available to the public this year.

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