Architect’s Day

نمایشگاه بهریزان
Building Industry of Isfahan
October 1, 2018
دستگیره کابینتیرازهای طلایی در انتخاب دستگیره کابینت
Cabinet Handle Secrets
April 27, 2019
روز معمار گرامی

Architect's Day

April 23 in Iran is the day of architecture.

23 April is the birthday of the Sheikh Baha'i, hence this day is the day of the International Architectural Day. he is is one of the scholars of Shah Abbas Safavid's time
This designation was proposed at the Iranian Architectural Association
in 2004 in order to recognize the birthday of the Sheikh Baha'i (Architectural Day).
In 2009, this day was approved by UNESCO worldwide

Since 2009, this day has been officially named as the architect of the day in Iran. Beharizan Co. with its decisive support in the year 1396, completed the publication of the best-selling book of contemporary Iranian architecture, compiled by Darab Diba and published by the publication of Aban, and will unveil this great work.
One of the main goals of this work is to try to provide an image of the architecture of a nation.

Main Goal Of Behrizan

A review of the above, a more comprehensive look, an analysis of some issues, and the pursuit of such actions in the intellectual space of Iran's architecture

Ending speech:

Each new position requires a new architecture.

روز معمار گرامی

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