Cabinet Handle Secrets

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April 24, 2019
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April 28, 2019
دستگیره کابینتیرازهای طلایی در انتخاب دستگیره کابینت

رازهای طلایی در انتخاب دستگیره کابینت

Cabinet Handle

3 The Golden Secret in Selecting a Cabinet Handle

When choosing to renovate your kitchen, after choosing the gender and type of cabinet, you need to pay more attention to the more detailed things,
including the fittings and cabinet handles you want to choose,
because in addition to the visual impact that your home design will have , Its efficiency is very important, as well as the handle's durability and durability of thehandle should also be taken into consideration.

Perhaps we can safely say that your kitchen is not completed until you pick up the proper cabinet handle.
Because the selection of elements, though small and minor, is the main factor in the amazing effects in the form of the kitchen and the taste of the presenter.
Behrizan cabinet handle have various models and are presented in various colors and sizes in all Behrizan resellers.

Two-screw cabinet handles

You may notice that most cabinet handle cases are supplied with two screws, and the number of knobs that are single-bolted are very limited.
The main reason behind the presentation of the cabinets' handles is that the two screws are more attractive than single screws.
The location of your hand, the convenience of opening and the power of the handle on pulling the cabinet door are important things that Behrizan takes into account in designing and handling the handle.

Note: You can also use a wide range of cabinet handles for the kitchen according to the design of the cabinet and their size and dimensions.
A variety of sizes for cabinet handles can give you a more beautiful look and feel to your kitchen environment.
Of course, this is a very tasty thing and you have the choice to choose even one size of your cabinets.

نصب دستگیره کابینت
نصب دستگیره کابینت
نصب دستگیره کابینت
نصب دستگیره کابینت

Hidden handle

A cabinet without a handle is another new design that is nowadays considered in modern architecture.
Because of the openness of the kitchen and the fact that the kitchen is part of the home environment, some customers may want to have no cabinet lock.
The cabinet with a hidden handle is a solution to this design style, which uses a narrow groove instead of using cabinet handles,
as well as the fastening of pressurized joints to allow opening and closing of the cabinet door.

Another model designed as a cabinets without a handle is to create an empty space in the upper part of the cabinet or in the corner of the cabinet to open its door instead of the cabinet's handle through the space created on its own cabinets.

دستگیره مخفی کابینت
دستگیره مخفی کابینت
دستگیره مخفی کابینت
دستگیره مخفی کابینت

Cabinet Handle size and fit

Generally, small handles are used for small cabinets and small comedic doors and large handles for large cabinets.
For cabinets drawer, the cabinet's door handle must be one third of the length of the cabinet drawer.

Typically, for widgets that are wider, for example, more than 40 cm, two handles should be used that will not naturally have a beautiful appearance
, which means that we can use a longer cabinet handle that is two-thirds of the length of the drawer.
The way the cabinet handles are placed horizontally on the drawer and vertically on the comedy doors.
Be sure to check the handle on the cabinet before final installation.

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