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May 5, 2019
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What color is more suitable for home interior doors?

Selection of the entrance door is one of the main interior decoration items in the design, because it is very important for security, except that it delivers the beauty of your home decor.

Doors and door handles are also in direct relationship with each other, so after choosing the door you can choose from a wide range of handles for your home.
As well as the frame and door frame, it also has a great effect on the beauty and appearance of the door.

As you know, today, with a significant upgrade and development in the building and decoration industry, doors of high resistance and high quality are made in various colors and available on the market, which can help us to choose the best.

What color is better for home interior doors?

Usually, home doors in Iran are chosen in white because they mostly use bright decoration and choose a white door to coincide, perhaps the main reason is that the white color of the home space is larger and larger.
Behrizan has a wide range of door handles for bright colors, with matching colors for white doors.
But let's have a little change in the choice of interior door colors, why do not you use black staining for interior doors? Surely, if your decoration is made of black, the choice of the black lid can make your decor more warm and warm, and the other thing is that there are no flaws in the door or black door!
You can even use black for the main entrance door, because if you're outdoors, this glow will make your home-like landscape look even more.

Behrizan has designed and manufactured models in Black & White door handles based on the color of the white and black doors, which can make your decoration a lot more attractive.
For example, in the image below, two examples of white and black door handles You can take a look.
Dark colored floorboards can look attractive on the door and on the black door handles.


Maybe you do not believe in it, but the elements that make your home shine first of all are interior doors, and secondly, the use of mirrors and glass in the environment and the interior.
Mostly, contrary to the belief, they think that the blackness of the house is shrinking.
If everything depends on the type of arrangement and the observance of other items in the decoration,
it may even be interesting to know that the black doors are commonly used for a chair with a short ceiling Because the unconsciousness of the black lid makes you look upwards because of the contrast that makes up your viewing experience.


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